Divination is a loaded word, which conjures up all sorts of pictures of crystal balls, gypsies and séances.  The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “the supposed insight into the future or the unknown gained by supernatural means”. 

Actually, there is absolutely nothing unusual or “supernatural” about divination work.  Among indigenous cultures, divination has been a part of the shaman’s work since time began.  This aspect of shamanism was (and is) key to the survival of the tribe, as the shaman would obtain information from spirit guides about such questions as food sources, hunting techniques, weather patterns and healing remedies for fellow tribes-people. Without divination, the tribe could not survive. 

Divination is very applicable to modern living.  We all have need for guidance in our lives at some time or another: our health, the health of loved ones, our relationships, our work, where we should be living to maximize our potential…the list is endless.  Spirit guides can offer a perspective that is removed from the will and ego of the client (i.e. what we think we need!), and which takes the overall life journey, the needs of the soul of the client, into account. Keep in mind that spirit guides are only benevolent and bring forth the love and healing energy available all around us in the universe.  They have no goals other than to support the growth process of a client and to assist in bringing harmony and balance into his or her life. 

This can be of invaluable assistance in helping people to make sustainable, balanced life decisions for themselves and their loved ones. 

Just a few sample questions for divination offered by Sandra Ingerman in her book “Shamanic Journeying” are: 

                        How can I heal my body? 

                        How can I heal my relationship? 

                        Show me my new life (if you are going through transition) 

                        How can I prepare for….? 

                        What can I do to resolve the tension in my family and work environment? 

                        How can I be of help to a loved one, a friend, an animal, or the land I live on? 

                        Where should I look for a house? 

                        Please help me find a new job. 

                        What will I learn if I make this choice? 

                        What is the root cause of my fear?